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Becoming a member will give you full access to videos and other online educational materials. The classes are organised in three levels.

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Level 1 trains the hand, the eye and the mind through the practice of regular script. Using the educational advantages of the subtle brush, children learn to write the same letters that they will later find in books. Slow writing with a broad brush that follows the thin and thick shapes of book letters helps the correct perception of letters.


Level 2 arms students with an easy, fast and legible handwriting. Children learn to form letters based on clear construction principles that will turn into free flowing handwriting.

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Level 3 will give children the sensitivity and skills that are required to use letters and create text on computers. By tracing outlines and shading in letters students create letterforms by writing and lettering.

Hand to Type is grounded in history and supported by research providing a rock solid foundation for reading and writing that is adapted to the digital age.