Practice much & often


‘Just like one who wants to learn to write, if he would master this skill he must practice much and often no matter how difficult and tedious this may be or how impossible it may seem. If he only practises much & industriously he will learn and master this skill. First he must think of every letter separately and seize upon it firmly with his imagination. But when he has mastered the skill, he can give up imagining and thinking of the separate letters. He will write freely and easily whether it be trivialities or bold thoughts that he would express by his skill. Now it is sufficient for him to know that he must use his skill, and even though he doesn’t think of it continually, indeed, no matter what he may be thinking of, through his skill he accomplishes his work.’

Irene Wellington prepared this fold-out with sound advice for one of his students. The quote is from Eckhart von Hochheim (c. 1260 – c. 1328).



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