New beginning


I’ve been thinking about reviving this blog. Everyday handwriting has practically disappeared. The teaching of handwriting is neglected without the slightest concern. In my opinion, it is still a desirable skill to be acquired and practiced. In my posts I will compile information about handwriting that I find useful. I will also publish handwriting exercises since the lack of handwriting practice and skills, especially among those teaching it, is an important reason for the general misunderstanding of its importance. As the British stone carver and letter designer David Kindersley (1915-1995) put it:

Knowledge and experience must go hand in hand
if any understanding is to be achieved. 

Another take on the same idea.


Knowing is the beginning of action,
action is the fulfillment of knowing.

Wang Yangming (王明, 1472-1529) Chinese official, philosopher and calligrapher.



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