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Edward Johnston by Priscilla Johnston

The biography of Edward Johnston was beautifully written by his daughter Priscilla. In the foreword Sir Sidney Cockerell writes: ‘To the unsympathetic observer Johnston could appear an exasperating eccentric but his daughter has shown the lovable quality

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Regular and running construction

There are two important categories in the construction method of a script: regular and running.

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Stroke-shape patterns

Western scripts are usually made up of stroke-shape patterns just like the Chinese scripts. Chinese kids start handwriting lessons by learning the basic stroke-shapes of a regular script.

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The stroke-shape

Handwritten letters are made of strokes. Strokes are shapes. Master Johnston coined the word ‘stroke-shape’ to emphasize the idea.

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Zapf on Zapf

About alphabets is a handsome little volume set in Optima and designed by Hermann Zapf (1918-2015) himself. The book presents some of Zapf’s type designs with some explanatory texts and other often funny anecdotes about their production. Zapf also tells … Continue reading

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文房四寶 The four treasures of the study

The ‘four treasures of the study’ (文房四寶, pronounced wén fáng sì bǎo) is a Chinese expression used to refer to the brush, ink-stick, ink-stone and paper. The study is the study room of the scholar. The Chinese ink-stick is made … Continue reading

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New beginning

水墨:尹佳 I’ve been thinking about reviving this blog. Everyday handwriting has practically disappeared. The teaching of handwriting is neglected without the slightest concern. In my opinion, it is still a desirable skill to be acquired and practiced. In my posts … Continue reading

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